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How Rita can help you:

Rita is an intuitive healer, channel and evidential medium who uses her intuitive abilities to assist people with insight and guidance on a variety of topics or issues they may be experiencing in life.

She offers her unique abilities and asks questions that are able to shift and help you change your points of view so that life works FOR you.


Areas include:

Relationships - Whether you have one and its not working for you or you want one but you don't know how to get one or don't know how to keep one (partners or friendships).

Personal Issues - Low confidence, lack of connection with self etc.


Sensitivity - how to navigate in life when you are a 'sensitive person' and how to make that work for you.

She also offers Energy Clearing and Balancing sessions and Subconscious Reprogramming sessions in person and via distance.


PLEASE NOTE - Rita does not offer 'future' readings.

You are able to ask her questions and she is able to give you glimpses of future but will not directly tell you your future.

(She is not a fortune teller- she is an intuitive healer, channel and medium). Instead she offers guidance and works with you so that you can consciously create your own future - A future that works for you!

Contact Rita to discuss if and how she can assist you personally.   



+61 466222994

Image by Grant Whitty