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About Us

Raw Soul Healing

Raw Soul Healing was created by Rita Ogladkova who is an intuitive energy reader, healer, medium and artist.


Raw Soul Healing was created as a place where you can begin to remove the masks, let yourself go and simply be yourself - free from judgement.

Raw - simple, powerful and real.


Rita is a down to earth and humorous individual with a passion for helping others transform their thoughts, feelings and emotions to experience the brighter and lighter side of life.


Her philosophy in life is - Life is what you make it, meaning:

No matter what life gives you, you always have choice; whether it's to see the 'positive' or 'negative' of a situation, 'stay' or 'go', 'act' or 'don't act' and that those choices create the quality of life which you choose to experience.

Rita firmly believes that you have the ability to create whatever life and living experience you desire, no matter who you are or what your circumstances - it is your points of view which create your reality.


Rita has the gifts of being able to 'feel' and 'see' into you, your situation and your points of view and is able to give you a different perspective and questions so that your are able to free yourself.


Her mission and long term goals are for you to become empowered and to use the tools and questions given to be your own healer.



She offers one on one transformational coaching, energy healing, clearing and balancing sessions to transform and create positive change in your life.

With a 'RAW' no bullshit approach - with love.